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De Addiction Centre

We have attained an iconic reputation in offering exclusive facility of De addiction centre in Madurai. We understand that each individual’s road to recovery and sobriety is unique hence our de-addiction medical team closely watch them until they are healed of all their withdrawal symptoms.We help through a detoxification process followed by counselling under the supervision of qualified well-trainedcounsellors to help the patients to become sober and get free from any kind of addiction. And enable them to develop and improve their individual personalities and living conditions.

Alcohol or Drugs are used by numerous around us to have fun, as a remedy for emotional and stressful problems, to be part of a groupand for even without knowing any reason many become dependent on it. Our De-Addiction Program centre helps todiscover, learn a new way of life,enhancing the quality of the total health comprising both physical and mental and social aspects.

Aathmikhas built up de addiction centre in Madurai in order to meet the special needs of addicts which can emerge in their lives, families and the general public.We offer a comprehensive, reliable, qualified clinical and psychological care for recover, heal and lead productive lives.The best technology in the medical field is put to use by a highly enthusiastic, motivated, result oriented, committed De addiction health care providers who have the welfare and recovery of the patients uppermost in their minds and to help them in creating and keeping up an all-encompassing, more advantageous and more utilitarian way of life.