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Psychiatric Rehabilitation in Chennai, Dharmapuri, Pudukkottai, Erode, Virudhunagar, Dindigul, Thoothukudi, Tiruvannamalai, Nagapattinam, Cuddalore, Karur, Perambalur, Theni, Namakkal, Kanchipuram, Krishnagiri, Ariyalur, Tiruppur

Psychiatric Rehabilitation

We are a leading Psychiatric Rehabilitation hospital that recognizes and provides for the mental health awareness in modern day living. Psychiatric rehabilitation is a process of reestablishment of the individuals who have psychiatric disability back into the community and to enhance his ability to cope with the environment. Our psychiatrical treatment services blended with psychological intervention are tailor maid for each patient involving collaborative, person directed and personalized approach that enable the individual to live with dignity and work in the community successfully.

Our Psychiatric Rehabilitation program based on empathy and unconditional positive regard with an eclectic approach offers indigenously developed, cost effective and replicable services to empower individuals to lead productive and dignified life. We deliver clinically effective treatments through diverse programs for the enhancement of Work Happiness, improving of personal performance, life Style, quality of Life and decrease disability of clients with mental illnesses and their family members. We encourage positive behaviour of patients enabling them to fight their triggers on their own.

We encourage the persons to express his repressed feelings and emotions to look his problem with more objectively and after regained objectivity explore the various psychiatric rehabilitation options available and decide which option to choose in order to resolve his problem. This will empower them to challenge and overcome psychiatric difficulties in the future with hope, and greater faith and belief in him. In addition with providing symptomatic relief, we focus on effective reintegration with holistic approach in our treatment processes to experience a better quality of life and a natural healing effect in the soul of the patients.