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Psychiatry is a rich and diverse and medical specialty concern with abnormalities of the mind. Namely abnormal emotion and thoughts, which may result in abnormal behavior. Psychiatric illness may have social and psychological causes.

We provide professional care for the mentally ill at the same this ensuring that those residing in its facility always feel at home in a beautiful and serene environment-user friendly, which will go a long way in a revolutionizing the dynamics of mental health care by an expert team of specialist with which skills and experience spanning the full spectrum of mental health discipline, which includes psychiatrist, psychologist, social workers, nurses and professionals.

A new specialty within medicine was created, consisting of those doctors who chose to specialize in the care of the mentally ill. They became known as “psychiatrists,” which means literally “physicians who heal the mind”. What do psychiatrists do?

They assess patients, make diagnoses, they may investigate medical problems, offer advice, and recommend different treatments including medication, counselling or other life style interventions.